• Crap Surfers save Crap Surfers

  • Thursday 28th Sept, 2006 Sennen cove, West Penwith. 

    Crap Surfers save Crap Surfers
    Hazel Selly and Jessica Box

    In a dramatic encounter with the notorious Sennen cove rip current. Senior surfers: Donald and Megan Sainsbury were rescued by the quick thinking and hard paddling of Cornish crap surfing duo Hazel Selly and Jessica Box.

    Crap Surfers save Crap Surfers
    Donald and Megan Sainsbury

    With the Sennen life guards packed up for the season and a rising swell on an incoming tide, this most idyllic of Cornish scenes masked the chilling potential for disaster

    “I was just having a float about” said: seventy-six year Donald, a 23-year holiday veteran of Sennen beach, “When suddenly I looked up and I was out at sea. I called to Megan and she came out with the body board but it was no use, the current was too strong, we just couldn’t get back in”.

    Be carefull out there people!

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