• Smilin Mylan

    Name: Smilin Mylan

    Country UK
    Occupation Internet stuff...
    About you Lives in East Sussex with wife and 3 daughters. HELP!
    Boards 7'6" Hawaiian Island Creations Mini Mal (probably need a 9' one now as I am a bit heavier)
    Break Eastbourne Pier (Crap), Brighton Pier (Crap), Shoreham Harbour Wall (Crap), anywhere in Wales or where it is quiet
    Shame Being pulled out of a raging sea by The Marines who were training there, saved me from being fish food...
    Crap Lack of good breaks within 10 minutes of my house... Must move I suppose!
    Speciality Standing on the beach, smoking and commenting on how good surfers could do better.
    Fantasy Going surfing with my dog.
    Philosophy Never practice, everything is for real, get used to it!
    Love 4' clean sand bar break in France where you can walk out to the break, no paddling necessary, suits unfit fat SOB's like me!
    Hate Being crowded.
    Book The Elegant Universe - Brian Greene
    Film Inglourious Basterds
    Drink Rochefort 10
    Hero Pierro Manzoni