• Name: CrapDaddy

    Country UK
    Occupation Writer
    About you I am the co founder of Crapsurfer.com. After a particularly torrid three hours at Praa (pronounced prey) sands. I went to a children's badge making workshop and saw the words crap and surfer in a magazine. I felt it was a message from the devine, so I cut out the words and made them into a badge. Hundreds of years later I'm still so crap at surfing I still can't work out how you do it properly.
    Boards Theyre all in a shed in Cornwall. I sold the only decent one I had to a proper surfer. I could not live with the guilt of not using it.
    Break Sennen/Gwenva
    Shame I was in peurto Escondido in Mexico. Infront of the surf elite, I ran into the sea and dived headlong into a sandbank. Beached on said sandbank, feeling like I'd been hit with a sledge hammer I pretended I was floating and having a laugh. Inside I was dying.
    Crap Usually me but I'm working on it.
    Speciality getting very weak very quickly.
    Fantasy being 18 and good at surfing. No other life. I'll do it for a week before going back to being me.
    Philosophy Be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle.
    Love My beautiful wife, my beautiful children and my work and my beautiful life in fact.
    Hate When it all goes tits up.
    Book If you meet Buddha on the road kill him. Sheldon B Copp
    Film I really hope its the one I just wrote but just in case Oh I dont know… Big Wednesday? Apocalipto
    Hero My kids. It's tough being a kid.