• Name: gopher141

    Country United Kingdom
    Occupation Welder
    About you Hi guys, im a Steel worker from Cornwall, UK and i love tinkering with engines, driving off road and falling off surfboards. A beach BBQ wouldn't go amiss either. Cheers & gone!
    Boards 7ft Mal
    Break Widemouth Bay, Summerleaze, Porthcurno
    Shame I fall off all the time. and I can't duck waves.
    Crap people being dicks
    Speciality being a back seat surfer
    Fantasy Perfect waves every day
    Philosophy derp
    Love Le fromage sil vous plait
    Hate rage
    Book JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling
    Film I love a good war film. Oh and Aladdin ;)
    Drink Beer is liquid bread, its good for you!
    Hero seizure man! Sorry, too much cyanide and happiness...