• Iain Penswick

    Name: Wet Wick

    Country UK
    Occupation Anything that feeds my family!
    About you Middle aged, medieval surfing skills, I ain't no Keanu Reeves! ( Unless you count Bill and Ted as my inspiration rather than Point Break! )
    Boards My son's foamy fish, and whatever second hand plank I can find on Gumtree now I'm hooked. Love my body board which has also been known to bite my bum like Jaws on Robert Shaw!
    Break Pembrokeshire, Freshwater West, Manorbier and Angle in a storm ( which to me is anything past light drizzle) , looking to humiliate myself at home near Brighton!
    Shame Being dumped of my sons body board and bending it double, the wave was huge, it had nothing to do with it being caught in my flabby belly! By Poseidon's beard, I will stand one day, one day, one day SPLASH! ROLL! FLOP! COUGH! SPLUTTER!
    Crap The urban foxes get my goats, and also wee on the garage wall and poop on the patio :-)
    Speciality Being whacked on the back of my head when emerging from the swell looking like a stubbly seaweed laden Aphrodite!
    Fantasy To end a days surfing with more beer in my belly than salt water and tanker bildge ejectamenta.
    Philosophy Heeeelllllpppp meeeeeeee!
    Love Time, space, outdoors and anything other than the office, I have a particular penchant for cheese and jam sandwiches :-)
    Hate People who can still use their hands as anything other than a useless tyrannosaurus claw after extended periods of grey-watered humiliation!
    Book Calvin and Hobbes, Something Under the Bed is Drooling
    Film James Taylor - Squibnocket
    Drink Based on volumetric measurements it would appear that my preferred liquid of imbibing is sea water, lightly flavoured with the aforementioned tanker bildge.
    Hero My son who can even stand on a body board!