• Name: Frothing grom

    Country Australia
    Occupation I work every weekend so I can't surf anyways
    About you I'm a kook that will say I surf a lot when I don't. I stand up on a wave and is as good as a orca stuck in a tank.
    Boards A plank of wood
    Break mona vale, the pipeline of Australia... Except it's not.
    Shame Well I stand up on a wave and I am as good as a refrigerated carrot from then, very crap.
    Crap My high tech plank of wood allows me to (not) do anything at all.
    Speciality Face planting hard core, then laughing it off awkwardly like it never happened.
    Fantasy To become a infamous stock broker than can ride more than a plank of wood.
    Philosophy Gotta philosophy to slay
    Love The love of my life is a nice left hander I can't do anything on.
    Hate Hate them painful ones.
    Book I hate reading
    Film I watched big Wednesday to pretend I was a surfer once...
    Drink I like a nice pop soda
    Hero Gonna say my step dad because he is pretty crap as well.