• Gravy Jeff

    Name: Gravy Jeff

    Country England
    Occupation Government
    About you Ocean obsessed dude born in Cornwall. Have somehow ended up living in waterless Tunbridge Wells but go down to Brighton and Cornwall when I can for waves. Totally crap surfer.
    Boards Been borrowing a crap mini mal for a while from my old man when we surf in Cornwall but about to suck it up and buy a foamie.
    Break Whitsand Bay in Cornwall with my old man, sometimes Polseath and Brighton.
    Shame Snapping a fin of my dad's new board within an hour of borrowing it by skilfully surfing into some rocks at Whitsand Bay.
    Crap Pretty laid back no one really annoys me apart from aggressive drunks!
    Speciality Surfing into rocks.
    Fantasy To be able to comfortable rip on a 5'8" board.
    Philosophy Never surrender, life should be splendour.
    Love Ocean, cars, good company and good times.
    Hate Nothing.
    Book Navy Seals Books.
    Film Star Wars!
    Drink Whisky.
    Hero Marcus Luttrell.