• Rob West

    Name: Bobby Orson

    Country The Royal County of Berkshire, England
    Occupation Railway Worker
    About you Live a couple of miles outside landlocked Reading, married, 2 kids, border collie etc etc underworked and overpaid.
    Boards A 9ft Foamie
    Break Widemouth, Highcliffe
    Shame I once had a poo on the rocks at Man o War bay next to Durdle Dor in Dorset, mid curl a sightseeing boat went past.
    Crap Middle lane wankers on the motorway
    Speciality Spending money of crap I don't really need (don't we all?)
    Fantasy Lottery win, 500K would do it for me!
    Philosophy It was already like that when I got here.........
    Love Aside from surfing, Chelsea FC (yes, I was there when we were shit!)
    Hate Middle lane wankers on the motorway
    Book WWZ
    Film Zulu
    Drink Tea, white 2 sugars please
    Hero Bruce Lee