• Bob Reed

    Name: Abunai

    Country Japan
    Occupation Retired
    About you I perpetuate the sport of traditional canoe surfing. Presently, I am champion and the only member in the sport.
    Boards My ability to fall off canoes, paddle boards, and occasionally my bed, is epic.
    Break Surfin' Okinawa wherever I can. The other surfers leave when I show up unless they want to get run over.
    Shame Uncoordinated beyond belief.
    Crap Fishermen always take the best breaks and their lines get tangled in my fin.
    Speciality Downwind.
    Fantasy Sometimes, I pretend I'm Duke riding the waves of Waikiki.
    Philosophy Love God and others.
    Love Water
    Hate Water
    Book I am functionally illiterate.
    Film "Finding Nemo"
    Drink Water
    Hero Jesus Christ, the Savior